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Dr. Kassandra Francis

Dr Kassie grew up knowing she was born to be a chiropractor. The turning point was when her baby brother was born with erb’s palsy due to birth complications. Because he was adjusted on the way home from the hospital at 3 days old, his body was able to heal from right arm paralysis, which medical doctors had diagnosed as permanent.

Chiropractic was more of a lifestyle growing up. Her mother took the family for check-ups, taught healthy eating habits and used natural remedies as first interventions. At a very young age she was practicing her adjustments on her collection of teddy bears. Her parents could tell she was a natural and encouraged her to continue to pursue this.

She left Montreal, Canada in 2010 to attend Northwestern Health Sciences University, due to its reputation of high clinical and scientific curriculum, and integrative health approach. Dr. Kassie graduated 2017 from NWHS with her Bachelor of Science and Doctor of Chiropractic degrees.

During her first year of school, she was able to start learning from Dr. Richard Hills DPT,DC, from Institute for Orthopedics and Chiropractc (IOC), who enriched her learning in extremity and non-surgical rehabilitative science, techniques and clinical experience. During her 7 years in Minnesota she assisted and then interned with IOC doctors, working along side Physical therapists, Athletic trainers, massage therapists and multiple chiropractors. She was president of the chiropractic Gonstead technique club during her last two years NWHS. She attended over 200 hours of Gonstead methodology seminars and she organized weekly meetings for hands on technique, x-rays analysis and learning from Gonstead doctors.


She has been taking pediatric seminars since 2015 and has 250+ hours of post graduate education for pediatrics and pregnancy. She is Webster certified and has absolutely loved learning the advanced pregnancy techniques and pediatric neurology sensory integration for the last 3 years.

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